Developing the musicians of tomorrow

The NAFA School of Music is committed to guide you in your path towards musical excellence so you find success in careers as performers, composers, educators, conductors and more.

Through a faculty-specific, practice-led, industry-focused curriculum, we enhance your artistic skill sets, educate you about the global music sphere, and expose you to a variety of industry experiences—ultimately empowering you with artistry and the courage to create and make your mark in the music industry.

Music Courses

Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Instrumental & Vocal Teaching

For instrumental and vocal music educators to build on their pedagogical perspectives of music

Bachelor of Music (Honours)

Preparing you to scale new heights in the music industry

Diploma in Music

Whether a performer or composer, the Diploma in Music is key to building the versatility and confidence you need to carve out your career.

Diploma in Music Teaching

Build a solid foundation in both music and teaching so you, too, can guide the next generation of musicians

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