Empowerment through Artistry: Nurturing the Changemakers of Tomorrow

With a series of programmes that encourage critical thinking and inculcate a sensitivity towards different cultures and contexts, NAFA’s pioneering Fine Art programme aims to nurture emphatic artists and creative practitioners capable of leading the local and regional art scenes.

You will experience a mix of traditional and contemporary approaches, gain exposure to 2D, 3D and 4D mediums, and have an abundance of opportunities for professional development with industry partners. Together, this investigative approach to learning will hone your technical skills, enhance your creativity and encourage reflection, allowing you to develop your unique artistic voice and visual language within a Southeast Asian context.

Upon graduation, the hope is that you will embody the NAFA spirit of creativity, exploration and resilience, while still remaining agile and responsive to global narratives and contexts—ready to make an impact on the art scenes of the future.

Fine Art Courses

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Fine Art

Confidently lead the contemporary arts scene of tomorrow as a top art professional

Diploma in Art Teaching

Behind every great artist is an even greater teacher of the arts

Diploma in Fine Art

Take the contemporary art world by storm as a critical art practitioner

Master of Fine Arts Fine Art

Pioneering creative thought leadership in Southeast Asia and beyond