Be part of the change in a design movement inspired by nature, human health and well-being

Biophilic design celebrates the unique opportunity to harmonise urban living with the natural world. Climate change and the pandemic have accelerated the adoption of biophilic design in major cities globally, going beyond aesthetics to reduce carbon emissions, regulate environmental temperature and improve air quality.

First of its kind in Asia, the three-year Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Biophilic Design programme will nurture your skills in spatial design disciplines anchored on the principles of organic and nature-inspired design for human well-being.

You will engage with an interdisciplinary and practice-led curriculum developed in partnership with CPG Corporation, one of Asia’s leading infrastructure design and development firms. Through mastering the theory and practice of biophilic design methodologies, you will explore innovative design solutions which will improve human psychological, physiological, and cognitive well-being.

You will also take part in meaningful capstone projects and undergo an enriching learning journey rooted in the best practices of the industry.

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