Develop the skills to manage art, artists and audiences

As the arts sector evolves, the need is for arts managers, technical managers and production designers to stay abreast of changing trends and contribute to the sector’s growth.

This is where NAFA’s School of Arts Management stands out. We offer a broad range of progammes that equip you with the versatility and resilience to adapt to the ever-changing landscape across a variety of professions.

Our programmes are founded in industry-relevant practice, involving interdisciplinary collaborations to broaden your perspectives. Even as a student, you can expect to play a key role in the arts sector by working with artists and arts organisations in events, festivals, exhibitions and community arts. Coupled with a values-based approach, we ensure you develop the cultural sensitivity and awareness to develop audiences for various art forms, and address the needs of both artists and audiences alike.

Upon graduation, you can look forward to entrepreneurship or meaningful work at arts centres and companies, heritage organisations, and more—ultimately creating an impact on the development of the arts in Singapore and beyond.

Arts Management Courses

Diploma in Arts Management

Learn to excel in the world of arts management