Creating a better tomorrow with creative 3D design

3D Design is about the design of objects, environments and spaces within personal and public domains. The central focus is on improving the quality of things we use and the spaces we live in, through creative design.

Each programme in our School fosters design and creative thinking while sharpening technical capabilities. You will undergo an enriching and intensive journey of design education, developing key skills and learning about technologies, trends and their impact on design.

Upon graduation, you will face your future in 3D design with great confidence, armed with invaluable skills of critical analysis, design synthesis, communication, and a multidisciplinary approach to the design process.

3D Design Courses

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Design Practice

Navigate the contemporary design landscape with finesse as a leading designer

Bachelor of Arts  (Hons) Biophilic Design

Be part of the change in a design movement inspired by nature, human health and well-being

Diploma in Design (Furniture and Spatial)

There is more to good furniture and spatial design than meets the eye

Diploma in Design (Interior and Exhibition)

Placing human behaviour at the core of spatial design

Diploma in Design (Landscape and Architecture)

Be a master of designing built environments with a heart

Diploma in Design (Object and Jewellery)

Shine bright among the competition as a leading accessory designer